January 2007


Dear HMLM,

   Hi!  I am an inmate and am writing to you to ask you to please send me your newsletter and a Bible study to help me grow in the Word of God.  It would be a blessing if you would do that for me.  Thank you, and God bless! Brian, Texas Prison


To Whom This May Concern,

   Hi, I am 20 years old and am incarcerated.  The reason I am writing you is because I am interested in taking your Bible study course that you have at your ministry.  I fell back at first from the Lord and now I want to learn and stick to His Word.  I was also wondering, I don't have a Bible because I am unable to afford one, so would you be able to send me a Bible along with the Bible study course, please? I really want to get back with Him.  Thank you so much!  God bless! John, Delaware Prison


Dear His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I am an inmate at a Florida work camp, and a friend of mine has blessed me by introducing your Bible study to me, and I was hoping you could send me one of my own so I may gain the knowledge of the Bible and grow in my walk with the Lord.  Thank you very much!  James, Florida Prison


To Whom it May Concern,

   I am interested in taking your Bible study course.  Would you please send me this free correspondence course?  Thank you in advance!  Johnny, Georgia Prison


Dear HMLM,

   Could you please send me your Bible Study Course and a HMLM large print Bible?  I am presently incarcerated.  I am 60 years old, and need a big print to see it, and I've seen that they are very beautiful Bibles!  Thank you! Gene, Arkansas Prison


Dear Church Family,

   Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our Creator and Saviour.  I shall forever more cling to His hand.  It has been a wonderful blessing studying the true Word of God with you.  I especially enjoyed the Advanced Bible study.  May the Holy Spirit of God work through me in a most powerful way to witness the true Word of God I have learned.  Thank you so very much for inspiring me and encouraging me when I needed it the most (when I was incarcerated).  Please allow me to say the HMLM KJV Giant Print Study Bible is appreciated beyond measure!  May the grace of God continue to richly bless His Marvelous Light Ministries and all of their loved ones.  And may we all continue fighting the good fight, until Jesus' second coming!  I remain a loving and faithful servant and soldier for Christ.  Much brotherly love, William, Oklahoma


To Whom it May Concern,

   I am an inmate and am very interested in reading the book "The Great Controversy".  I am seeking God's truth, so I would love to read this book.  A few of the guys here told me I could write to you and that you would forward to me a copy of "The Great Controversy".  Thank you in advance for your kindness.  May God bless you and your precious family for your good works.  Respectfully submitted, Kurt, California Prison


Dear Sir,

   I am a prisoner currently incarcerated at a pen in Kentucky.  I am writing to request if you would please enroll me in your correspondence Bible course you have to offer free to inmates.  I was referred to you by a Christian brother who has taken your course and he speaks very highly of your true teachings.  If you would, please enroll me and send me your course.  It will be greatly appreciated!  Let me thank you in advance for your time and effort and consideration in this matter.  I hope to hear from you.  In Jesus' name, Edward, Kentucky Prison


Dear His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I am writing you in reference to becoming a member of your ministry and would love to receive all of the available religious literature that I possibly could receive from your ministry to help with my spiritual growth.  I truly appreciate your consideration and the opportunity to be spiritually fed from your organization.  Thanks so much!  Shon, Louisiana Prison


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