April 2007


Dear Sir,

   Hi there! I am a former student of yours, having completed the Bible study course a while back.  I am still studying the Word of God with even more faith in the Word than before!  It has had its changing effect on me to take away my desire of habits that have always had a hold on me.  Praise God!  To take Scripture as it stands, believing that God can communicate clearly and that He wants to do so, and then we study it carefully, and then apply it to our lives in faith and prayer.  God rewards us with precious truths and insights.  The Bible is the most important treasure that we could ever hope to have in our possession!  So let's thank God for all He has done and praise Him daily, and the rest of our lives!  Praise God!  Your brother in Christ, Ken - Texas Prison


Dear His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I recently was introduced to your correspondence course for Bible study.  I was impressed!  I would like to receive your Bible study by mail.  I believe it will give me inspiration to get and keep myself on the right path.  I would also like to receive one of your study Bibles.  They help explain quite a bit of the Word where I may interpret it better.  Hope it's not too much to ask.  If so, please just send the study courses.  I'll be fine, either way. Thanks! Sincerely, Willy - Arkansas Prison


To Whom it May Concern,

   I am presently an inmate, being incarcerated for crimes caused by a drug addiction.  I'm seeking ways to change my perception on life.  A friend and I attended the same service here and I heard the Word and allowed God to rule my life now.  My friend gave me your address because I wanted to learn more about the Bible by doing Bible study courses.  I have so many questions about how God moved on people's lives in the past.  I hope to be able to study your course soon.  My friend has a Study Bible that I am allowed to use for now.  It's a King James Version.  I like how it explains the verses to me.  Thanks for your timely response to my letter, and your support while I'm incarcerated.  Reginald - Louisiana Prison


Dear Sir,

   Thank you very kindly for all that you have done to enlighten me concerning the words and truths about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I truly enjoyed my studies and I pray that all others will enjoy them as well.  I have learned a lot from you and your staff, by the grace and mercy of the Spirit of God, and I hope to one day be able to help others find these truths, as you have helped me over these past few years.  I also pray that you and your staff will continue to teach, and lead others to the steps of the kingdom, that they may meet our Lord and glorify Him by becoming children of God.  Willie - Florida Prison


Dear His Marvelous Light Ministries and Staff,

   May our sweet heavenly Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, be eternally blessing each one of you, your families, and the most precious ministry, which is the Bride of Christ. Amen!  I have such great news for you this date! The two Study Bibles and 228 booklets you were so gracious to send our prison fellowship arrived on Sabbath!  Praise Jesus!  On behalf of our volunteer pastor, we thank you hundreds of times over!  Praise Jesus for these soul-winning booklets!  Pastor loved them so much, he took 1 each home to read and study himself, so he may better witness to the congregations here.  Praise Jesus!  So many are flocking to hear the message of Christ in these times of uncertainty in this wicked old world.  Many who had been Catholic, Baptist, etc. and lost that zeal for Christ now come to our services with us!  So we have a great burden upon each member to not lose the new ones who once again search for Christ in a new light!  Our burden we each take with joy!  God bless you all!  In Christian love, respect, honor and prayers; your servant and brother in Christ Jesus our Lord, Thomas - California Prison


Dear Sir,

   I'm writing to request the Bible study offer you have.  I've got close to a year left and I'm studying God's Word so I can not only share His good news now, but also when I get out.  It's my desire to learn what the Lord would have for me.  I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart, soul, and body and have received Him as my Saviour and Lord.  I'm thankful for Him not giving up on me, but being merciful and longsuffering in my life.  He's truly the greatest Friend I've ever had.  I want to serve Jesus the rest of my life.  Praise the Lord!  If you have a Bible offer, I would desire to be considered for one as well.  Thank you so much!  May the Lord bless you and your family with all His goodness year round!  In Christ, Gary - Oklahoma Prison


Dear Sir,

   I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits.  The reason I'm writing to you is not because I am now in jail, but because I have been lost for a long time.  I have had some bad things happen in my life over the years, so I turned my back on God.  I kept saying to myself, 'How could God let this happen to me?' So I gave up and walked away and stopped believing.  Now I sit in jail wondering what's going on in my life, and I was told by everyone, from other inmates to my family and friends, that I need to find God again and let Him into my heart.  I was also told that you could send me some Bible study material.  Thank you for your time in this matter. I hope to hear from you soon.  Sincerely, Philip - Georgia Prison


Dear His Marvelous Light,

   Grace and peace to you.  I recently have been studying about the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation and the Sabbath.  A friend has one of your study Bibles with Bible studies on Daniel and Revelation commentary.  I would really like to have one of these Bibles!  Please sign me up for your Bible correspondence study course.  I'm sure you get lots of requests, so please thank those who support prison ministries.  The harvest is plentious, but the laborers are few.  Thank you! Eduardo - California Prison


Dear HMLM,

   I got your address off a flyer at the chapel here in our prison, and became immediately interested.  Please send me a Bible and Bible lessons at your earliest convenience.  Thank you!  In Christ, Jerry - Oklahoma Prison


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