May 2007


Dear Friend,

   The reason I'm writing you all is because I'm in need of a Bible study.  I found out about you all from a brother that I met in prison and he told me all about you.  He showed me his Bible study you all sent him, and the first time I saw it I said to myself 'I hope that one day I could have one just like his!'  I have never read a Bible in my life and to tell you the truth, as soon as I saw it it opened my eyes and I know it can change my way of living.  I want to change myself and I know that by reading God's Word I know He will give me a chance and forgive me of all my sins.  So please, I ask you with all my heart, please send me a Bible study! Please help me in this matter.  Thank you for your time.  God bless you all! Your friend, David - Texas Prison


Dear HMLM,

   Greetings, and peace unto all your staff!  I'm currently incarcerated within the Florida correctional system.  I have heard from a friend I recently met that I could write to you and ask for your assistance.  I would like to ask if you would please enroll me in your Bible study course?  And, if possible, and if I'm not asking for too much, could you please mail me a free Bible and several copies of your books? (Any of them would be nice.)  I would really like to read "The Great Controversy" or "Desire of Ages".  I really don't get much money, but I'd be willing to donate five or ten dollars in postage stamps.  Please let me know if I can do this, ok? Thank you! Sincerely, Maurice - Florida Prison


Dear His Marvelous Light,

   Please allow me the opportunity to join the Bible study.  I am in jail in Louisiana and I'm tired of living a life of crime.  I have recently given my life over to the hands of God and took Him into my heart as my Lord and Savior.  If there is anyway possible, can I please obtain the Study Bible you have to offer?  Thank you sincerely for your time.  God bless you!  Respectfully, Jeremy - Louisiana Prison



   I would like to learn more about the Word.  I'm in prison and would like to be enrolled in your Bible study program.  Will you send me a study Bible, too, please?  Thank you! Brandon - Arkansas Prison


Dear Friends,

   Hello.  You all have been kind to me for a long time now.  You also have been sending me your monthly newsletter, "The Present Truth".  I really enjoy the Bible studies and news updates. I also enjoy the children's corner, as well as every other aspect of your magazine.  I pray that God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ will be kind to you and bless you with peace.  Thank you all so very much!  Love you all always! Your brother and friend and co-laborer in Christ Jesus, Sincerely Bienvenido - California Prison


Dear Sir / Ma'am,

   Hopefully this letter will find you all in the very best of health and spirits.  My reason for writing is in hopes of being allowed into your Bible study lessons.  My own search for enlightenment has led me to study the path of Christ. Not to say that I am a very religious man, but I am on the path and hunger to learn all I can.  Thank you for your time, and please have a great day!  Respectfully, Alan - Michigan Prison


To Whom it May Concern,

   I would like to join your Bible Study and receive your Study Bible.  I was told about your course by a friend of mine in here.  Thank you for your time, and God bless you!  Your brother in Christ, Jeff - Kansas Prison


Dear Sir,

   I am writing to you to ask if you would please enroll me in your Bible correspondence course that you have to offer.  I have seen your course from a friend of mine who is enrolled in your course and would greatly appreciate it if you'd send your course very soon.  Thank you in advance for your time, effort, and consideration in this matter.  I hope to hear from you soon.  Respectfully requested, Robert - Kentucky Prison


To Whom it May Concern,

   I was referred to you by a fellow inmate and brother in Christ here at this correctional facility.  I would like to get involved with your Bible study correspondence course.  I would also need a King James Version of the Holy Bible.  Can you please help me in my spiritual growth and development?  Thank you for your patience and efforts.  Sincerely, Clinton - Colorado Prison


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