June 2007


Dear Friends,

   I have truly enjoyed my studies with your ministry.  They have enlightened me on many areas of the Bible.  I now have a better understanding of God's Word and for that I am forever grateful!  I'd appreciate any further Bible study materials you have available and would very much love to have a copy of HMLM's Giant Print KJV Study Bible.  Thank you for your dedication to proclaiming God's Word and the Bible studies you make available to prisoners!  Sincerely, Sheri, Texas Prison


Dear His Marvelous Ministries,

   Good evening! I am currently incarcerated in Arkansas and I heard from a fellow brother in Christ that you all give out a Bible study course that will really help me to understand the Bible.  Could you please send this course my way?  I need help in understanding the Bible better.  It would be greatly appreciated. God bless!  Respectfully, Nicholas - Arkansas Prison



   I am writing you today to request some literature.  I have recently been studying Bible prophecy and I noticed on your order form that you have several titles that I am interested in. Can you please send me "The Coming One World Government", "The Ten Horns of Bible Prophecy", "Mark of the Beast", and "Entering Armageddon"? I hope this is not too much to request at one time.  I am an inmate and it is hard for me to get good Christian literature.  I thank you for your service and may God bless your ministry.  Your friend in Christ, Allen - Florida Prison


Dear His Marvelous Light Ministry Family,

   My prayers are going out for you each day, for your ministry is truly a marvelous light into the darkness of this age.  With so much confusion in terms of worship, faith and doctrine, it's a refreshingly high example you put forth in the Bible and your Bible studies.  I cherish the time with Christ I am able to spend when I do your Bible studies each week.  Many times it's your lessons that are all the Sabbath services we have here.  The ability to worship, to change, to become one with Christ Jesus comes about because of your books and studies you send to us here in these prisons.  This would not happen without the donations of the good Christians out there that supports the prison ministries.  From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the people who donate time and money to your prison ministry!  I look forward to the next Bible study and the next Sabbath spending it with you.  God bless you all! In deep Christian love, respect, honor, and prayers, your servant and brother in Christ, Tom - California Prison


Dear Ones in Christ,

   I am incarcerated in Louisiana.  I was reading a book from your ministry - "One Raptured, the Other Left?" and I believe in that book!  I'm also writing to request the books "A Storm is Coming, Relentless in its Fury!" and "Do You Really Know Who This Man Is?"  Thank you very much!  Johnny - Louisiana Prison


Dear Friends,

   I am so thankful I have a stamp right now so I can write you and let you know how grateful I am to know you will continue to send me my newsletter subscription.  It is such a blessing to receive it monthly!  Please send me five copies of "Do You Really Know Who This Man Is?"  I love to put them in the literature rack in the Catholic Chapel here.  Please add one copy of "The Coming One World Government", if you would.  God bless you! Dennis - California Prison


Beloved Brethren,

   Praise and glory to God Almighty and the King of kings!  May this find you all Spirit-filled and abundantly blessed with the riches of grace!  I continue to pray that our awesome God mightily blesses this ministry and all brethren involved.  I want to thank you all for everything - the tracts, booklets, and all your prayers.  I'm currently in the advanced Bible study, and it is excellent!  I wanted to write and express my love and joy to you all.  Please continue to share the true gospel with the world!  I also would like to ask if you will please keep me on your mailing list for "The Present Truth" newsletter.  It's powerful!!  In closing, please know that you all are prayed for daily, as well as the missionaries abroad.  God bless you and protect you!  Our King's return is soon! Let us be faithful watchmen upon the walls of Zion.  Much love in Christ Jesus, Kris - South Carolina Prison


Dear Folks,

   I am incarcerated in Colorado and I make $5.25 a month, so it makes it hard to send anything as much as I'd like to.  Please keep me on your mailing list, it's hard to find any information that is the truth without changing what the Bible says.  Yours is one of the few that always tells the truth like it is!  Bless your hearts for what you do and the hearts you touch.  I thank you for thinking of us.  Robert - Colorado Prison


Dear HMLM,

   I am writing to see if I could get to do your Bible study classes, and if so, I would love for you to send me a large print Bible, for my eyes are not what they used to be.  I do a lot of reading now, but I have problems with small print.  There is so much to learn about God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit that I know I would enjoy doing your studies!  The more I learn the more words I can hide in my heart so I don't sin against my Creator.  I would like to thank you for any help you can give me in my goal to learn more about my Saviour.  Thank you! Mitchell - Maryland Prison


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