January 2008


Dear HMLM,

   My name is Richard, and I'm currently in a prison in Florida.  I am requesting your Bible study and the KJV HMLM Study Bible.  I have seen another man's studies and really wish to have them myself.  Thank you in advance, and may God bless you in your efforts!  Sincerely, Richard - Florida Prison


Dear Sir,

   I have heard about your ministry and I think at one time I was a part of it, through doing your Bible studies.  I was released and fell by the wayside.  Now, I am trying to get back up.  I was, at one time, well versed in my Bible.  But I let someone use it and it was never returned.  Can I please restart my lessons and if at all possible can you send me a large print Bible?  You see, I am getting up in age and my eyes aren't that good anymore.  Even with glasses I have a hard time reading. Can you help me?  Thank you for your time.  God bless! Robert - Texas Prison


Hello Ministry Staff,

   I am Talwin, and I'm writing to let you good Christian people know that I am interested in working your Bible study lessons.  So, if you can, I would really appreciate if you all would send me some study lessons.  Thank you for your cooperation and may God bless you kind people.  I'm still learning about my God.  Sincerely yours, Talwin - Arkansas Prison


Dear HMLM,

   I am writing to you in regards to your free courses of Bible study!  I want to know more teachings and the Bible to spread the Word and teach others.  I heard that even after completion of the course you can possibly receive a Study Bible, as well as a certificate of completion?  I pray you send the course and exams as soon as possible so I can get started on God's work.  I've prayed to learn more and want to help others!  God bless! Brian - Louisiana Prison


Dear Sir or Ma'am,

   First I would like to say that you have been very helpful in clarifying some very confusing issues that I had been perplexed by.  Your detailed answers with various Scriptures for cross-reference has been quite enlightening and again I want to say 'Thank you' for your attention to detail.  Thank you also for having me as your pupil!  Now, on another note, I have been transferred to a different prison and I wanted to give you the address and other pertinent information.  Thank you, and God bless! Richard - Georgia Prison


Dear Ministries,

   I heard about your Bible studies from another brother here and would really enjoy your Bible studies.  Would you please send me your lessons and a King James Version Bible, along with anything else you feel would help me in my spiritual growth?  Thank you, and God bless! Love in Christ, your brother, Bobby - Oklahoma Prison


To Whom it May Concern,

   I am writing to His Marvelous Light Ministries requesting that you please add me to your list of Bible study students.  Could you please send me the first part of your courses?  Thank you very much and God bless!  Sincerely, Martin - Delaware Prison


To Whom it May Concern,

   Greetings from the desolate desert of Southern California.  I am presently serving a sentence with the California DOC.  I have been incarcerated for about six years now, during which time I have come to know our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  During a study this weekend with some of the brothers, I was given your address and told that I could receive some lesson studies from you.  I am very much interested in your lessons and was wondering if you could provide me with the lessons I was told about?  Your cooperation in this matter would be very much appreciated.  Thanking you now for your time and service.  Praying that the Lord will continue to bless you in your endeavor to spread His Word.  Bless you!  Respectfully yours, Dwight - California Prison


Dear Bible Instructors,

   As I have just been released from a Louisiana prison, I ask your prayers as I continue my walk in Christ.  I am not sure whether your studies go beyond the prisons to a released inmate, but I ask if I may please be allowed to continue in your courses in spite of my release.  My growth in Christ has become very important to me and your courses help me understand the Word of God, whereas I was ignorant to His Word before now.  Again, I ask and implore you to please continue these studies on my behalf!  May God keep watch between us.  Sincerely, Elaine - former Louisiana Inmate


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