February 2008


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

   I received the beautiful Study Bible tonight that you sent to me.  I just have to tell you thank you! To me it is a true blessing!  I had to take it around and show all my friends.  I really love it and truly am thankful!  I do pray that every time I open it that I will learn more about our Lord and Saviour, that the Holy Spirit will guide me and teach me things I need to know to live a better life in Christ.  I'm also thankful for the Bible studies you give me.  I truly want to learn all I can and pray I can use what I learn to help bring my family closer to Christ and people that God puts into my path.  May God bless each and every one of you for the kindness and love you have shown to so many others! Lover your new brother in Christ, Alan - Texas Prison


Dear Bible Instructor,

   This lesson was great! I learned so much! Thank you! Could you please pray for my mother? Thank you! Raymond, Delaware


Dear Sir / Ma'am,

   You've sent me "The Ministry of Healing" and "Bible Readings For the Home".  These have helped me immeasurably and with questions I had, and even helped every person I've shared them with as well! Your compassionate help and time is so, so appreciated by myself and others that have spiritually benefited from your material.  We've found it to be in perfect harmony with the Scriptures and is very refreshing considering all the propagated and Scripturally demented corrupted material that is in a place like this.  We commend you and your ministry and enormously thank you and hope and pray you all are blessed.  Sincerely, Richard - Florida Prison


Dear Instructor,

   So many people live good and holy for man to see their good works, as I can truly testify that was the way I thought being a Christian was all about, but I was in darkness because of a hidden sin within my heart of love.  I thank God because here in prison, Christ has truly set me free when I literally cried out to God for forgiveness and He showed me that true love comes through my spiritual heart, only in Christ Jesus by seeking continually for the righteousness in Him.  I now pray many times each day and always wash my mind and heart through His Word.  His Marvelous Light Ministries is a great asset that helps strengthen my faith in Christ, and I thank God for sending your ministry to me.  Thank you for your faithfulness in furthering God's work.  May God richly bless you! John, Louisiana Prison


Dear Sirs,

   I would like to do the Bible study you have.  Please send me what I need to get started.  I appreciate your time in filling my request! Thank you. Sincerely, Kevin - Arkansas Prison


Dear Brother or Sister in Christ,

   I'm writing because I would like to be enrolled in your Bible study program.  Thanks! Sincerely, Jamie - Pennsylvania Prison


Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I am interested in Bible study lessons.  I have a problem with my eyes, so if I can get a Bible with large print, it would be greatly appreciated.  Ray - Oklahoma Prison


Dear Sirs,

   I am an inmate, and some of the other inmates here in Bible study class have informed me that you have a correspondence course that can be sent to me.  So, would you please send me your Bible Study correspondence course? I believe it will help me in my understanding of the Scriptures.  My long term goal is to possibly become ordained.  I feel with your help (through your course) I may be able to reach for that goal.  Sincerely, Richard - Georgia Prison


Dear HMLM,

   I was blessed with an old issue of "The Present Truth" newsletter distributed by your church organization. I'm currently incarcerated, and am interested in a few books you offer.  I'm praying you still have some copies left.  It would be a great help to me in understanding and studying the written Word.  God bless you! Ralph - California Prison


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