March, 2013


Dear Sir / Madam,

   Greetings in the name of the Father.  I am incarcerated doing ten years of my life away from my family, wrongfully accused.  I know life is not always easy in this sin-cursed earth, but I am seeking to walk in my Father's path.  When my mother found out I was locked up, the first thing she said to me was 'Son, you need to return to your first love.'  As a child growing up I had to go to church every Saturday.  I came to America, strayed away for a while, but this is my wake-up call to return to my first Love.  I'm going to make this short.  I have found a group in prison moving with the Adventist movement according to prophecy.  I joined the group and made a vow to return back to the fold.  Please help me to continue on this path.  Please, if you could, send me a calendar, a catalog, a Bible, and the Bible Study.  Please help me to continue my movement so I can help others.  Thank you and may the good Lord continue to bless you all.  Fred, Kentucky Prison


To My Fellow Christians at His Marvelous Light Ministries

   I am writing to request membership or enrollment in your Bible study program that I was made aware of by a fellow inmate here.  He asked if I wanted to get involved in a real good Bible study.  So, when I said I was doing one already, but it wasn't too in-depth, he gave me your address.  He said your study is out of the King James Version Bible.  I would be well pleased if you would consider me for enrollment and send any forms or conditions I need to fill out and sign.  Thank you for your time, and have a very blessed day!  Sincerely, Joey, Louisiana Prison


Dear Sir,

   I am incarcerated and would like to be put on your mailing list.  I want to thank you for serving our Lord Jesus Christ and sharing God's Word!  Respectfully, Jamie - Illinois Prison



   I am currently incarcerated in Arkansas.  While here I wish to expand my mind and my heart to our Lord and the Bible.  I understand you offer an excellent Bible study course to indigent prisoners and I'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in your program.  I currently have an old KJV Bible that I use, but it has torn and missing pages - yet I can use it if it is appropriate for your program.  Thank you for your consideration, and may God bless you and yours.  Rodney - Arkansas Prison


Dear Pastor Berwick, Carol, and HMLM Staff,

   May our most precious Lord Jesus Christ be eternally blessing all of you.  You are prayed for constantly here in this facility during our Sabbath services.  Your dedication to our Lord Jesus and the Biblical truths that are so needed today are very appreciated!  I am to tell you "Thank you and God bless" from our volunteer SDA ministers that are so impressed with the tracts you have been sending us.  Thank you for your letter.  We are so appreciative of all you do for us.  Thank you for just keeping us in mind for the SDA Bible Commentary.  I know the congregation would so much benefit from it!  Many souls are moved by your tracts, pastor.  They are so well received!  And we have been receiving them without any problems from our prison mail staff, which is in and of itself a miracle!  I wanted to ask you, if at all possible, could you please send an assortment of tracts in Spanish, especially those that deal with the Catholic questions that many Spanish individuals have?  Our volunteers send their thank you and prayers to you all.  We can never forget thank you's and prayers to the Bible study graders and staff as well.  We look forward to hearing from you again at the mailbox.  In deepest Christian love, respect, honor, and prayers, your servant and brother in Christ Jesus, Tom - California Prison


Dear Marvelous Light Ministries,

   Could you please send me your Bible studies, so that I can do them and learn about God's love?  Thank you so very much!  Robert - Florida Prison


His Marvelous Light Ministries,

   I have been with your ministry for years while I was in prison!  Now I have been out of prison for nine months, and I love Jesus so much!  I'm writing because I would like to request your help with maintaining my relation with Jesus.  Can you please send me your newsletter?  And I would like to start over with my Bible studies, please.  Please send me more truth-filled materials.  God bless your ministry! Raymond, Texas


Dear Sir / Madam,

   I was given your address in the hopes of getting in to a correspondence course for the fundamental beliefs of Sabbath keepers.  The last few years I have made great changes in my life, and it is through the new found belief I have in the Son of man, Jesus!  It seems I have come to a stand-still, though, and my spirit has a hunger for more knowledge of the true teachings of the Bible.  Thank you for your time, and may you be blessed!  Respectfully Alan - Michigan Prison


Dear Bible Instructor,

   Thank you once more for all that your ministry does.  I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ continues to provide the means necessary to further your work for His kingdom!  I am truly looking forward to my next study!  Thank you, and God bless! Your brother in Christ Jesus, Glen - Georgia Prison


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