Benin, Africa

"Dear Sir,

     "I am a young pastor in charge of a local church.  I am born again and I've been converted.  I work with local churches as a "planting" ministry.  I am interested in obtaining from your ministry literature and documentation (Bibles, booklets, and tracts) for study and distribution.

     "I will be happy to receive your answer and any helpful instrument for ministering!

                                                         Yours Faithfully"

   By God's grace, and through the faithful support of dedicated workers for Christ, His Marvelous Light Ministries was able to send this young pastor a shipment of Bibles, witnessing booklets, and tracts to distribute among his congregation and local neighbors.  But there are MANY more requests just like this that, due to low funds, we have been unable to fill.  If the Lord touches your heart in this area, please feel free to donate to this most worthy, soul-saving cause, so that as many precious souls as possible may have the opportunity to hear the truth and accept the Lord into their hearts!  Any gift, however small, can result in giving a person the most valuable gift of all - eternal life!