..."I was in prison, and ye came unto Me."  Matthew 25:36.


One of the many colorful envelopes HMLM receives from inmates!  This one shows a little bit of the lifestyle this particular artist grew up with!

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Artwork and Gifts from Inmates

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     For over 20 years, HMLM has given away well over a MILLION DOLLARS worth of Bibles free-of-charge to those incarcerated!   Praise the Lord!!  This could not be possible without the generous support of individuals such as yourself! In order to continue this soul-winning endeavor, we need your continued participation!  If you wish to help our incarcerated brothers and sisters have the opportunity to receive FREE Bibles and other inspirational materials, please send your tax-deductible gifts (check or money order) to:

His Marvelous Light Ministries

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Stevensville, PA 18845


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